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John Weaver (21)
Parents Jacob Weaver (49)
Born April 16, 1812, Liberty Twp, Fairfield County, Ohio (21, 49)
Died Dec. 9,1908 (21)
WIFE Julia Ann Warrington (Julia Ann Warrington Fuller) (21)
Parents William Warrington (21)
Born Aug 16, 1806, Accomac Co, VA (49)
Died March 1, 1899 (49)
Married June 30, 1837, Cincinnati, Ohio (21)
CHILDREN Lydia F. Weaver (21)
C.W. Weaver (21)
  Albert Weaver (21)
Melissa Weaver (21)


John Weaver Feb 16, 1910.jpg (25955 bytes) Julie Ann Warrington Weaver.jpg (19972 bytes) Delaware Semi Weekly Gazette  
John Weaver
Written on rear in John's Handwriting:  I John Weaver and son of Jacob Weaver was born in Fairfield County + Liberty Township near Baltimore, Ohio.  Born april 16 - 1812 Now Feb. 16 - 1900
Marie Bouic
Julia Ann Warrington
Written on rear in John's Handwriting:  Julia Ann Weaver Wife of John Weaver and daughter of William Warrington.  Born in Accomac County Va in Aug 16 - 1806 and Died March 1 - 1899

Marie Bouic
Delaware Semi-Weekly Gazette
May 1, 1903
Former Scioto Tp. Man Writes a Letter from Iowa
John Weaver
None found.
Bef. 1843  Wholesale Grocery House in Cincinnati, Ohio
1843-1845  Postmaster, Little Mill Creek Post Office, Fairview, Delaware Co., Ohio
1847-1849  Postmaster, Little Mill Creek Post Office, Fairview, Delaware Co., Ohio
Aft. 1843 and Bef. 1853 Justice of the Peace, Delaware Co., Ohio
None found.
1837-1843  Cincinnati, Ohio
1843-1853  Scioto Twp., Delaware Co., Ohio
1853-1908  Davenport, Iowa
None found.
John Weaver, who died December 9, 1908, at the remarkable old age of ninety-six years. He was born in Fairfield county, Ohio, April 16, 1812, and was there reared and educated. After arriving at years of maturity he was married in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the 30th of June, 1837, to Miss Julia Ann Warrington Fuller, who died March 1, 1899, at the advanced age of ninety-three years. For an extended period John Weaver was employed in a wholesale grocery house in Cincinnati and was then appointed postmaster of Little Mill Creek by President Polk. He acted as postmaster for four years, serving first at Little Mill Creek and afterward at Ostrander, Ohio. While there he also filled the office of justice of the peace and his opinions were strictly fair and impartial. The year 1853 witnessed his arrival in Davenport, after which time he did not again engage in active business. All of the family lived to an old age. His wife's father was one of the life guard of George Washington and was once shot while serving his country. He recovered his health, however, and lived for some time to enjoy the fruits of his labor, reaching the age of ninety-nine years. Unto Mr. and Mrs. John Weaver were born four children: Mrs. Lydia F. Brady, C. W., Albert and Mrs. Melissa Jennings. (21)
None found.