Ostrander and Scioto Township History

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Written by Frank R. Coe






When we look into the the history of a community, we soon realize that its existence and growth were due to the cooperation and coordination of the many enterprises which made up that community.  We also find that with its growth comes the necessity of establishing new services such as postal, telephone, and banking, and in due time the extension of these services.

In that connection, we find that probably the first Post Office to serve the community was established in Harry Riggers' tavern at Riggers Ford where Route #36 now crosses Scioto River, with Mr. Riggers as the first postmaster.  This probably was some time prior to 1842.  The Post Office at Ostrander, Delaware County, Ohio was established as "Little Mill Creek" on February 3rd, 1842.  The name changed to Ostrander on December 19th, 1855; the village having been laid out in 1852.

Following is a list of the Post Masters and their dates of their appointments since 1842:

Aaron Crain Feb. 3, 1842
John Weaver Oct. 24, 1843
Joseph Maugans Nov. 5, 1845
John Weaver June 15, 1847
Esekiel Rodgers July 21, 1849
Michael C. Bean June 23, 1853
Wm. C. Winget Jan. 14, 1863
Joseph V. Roberts Aug. 25, 1869
LeRoy Decker Dec. 14,, 1869
Wm. C. Winget Sept. 2, 1873
Abner Said Mar. 8, 1875
John House Apr. 6, 1885
Calvin B. Thompson Feb. 16, 1887
Elias Thomas May 20, 1889
Wm. H. Loveless Sept. 11, 1890
Arod W. Franklin Apr. 13, 1893
Martin L. Kalb Apr. 28, 1897
Fred L. Decker July 1, 1914
Hosea M. Thompson 1918
E.J. Cranmer 1924
Fred L. Decker 1934
C.R. Bell, acting P.M. 1945
Ethel Bell Knight 1946
Chas. B. Montgomery, acting P.M. 1947
Don W. Wilson 1949 - at this writing

There was also a Post Office established at Millville in 1885, the name later changed to Warrensburg and discontinued Oct. 1, 1901, when Rural Route No. 1 was established to serve this territory.

There was also a Post Office at Lybrand which was discontinued at the same time and for the same reason.  Kirwan K. Kalb was appointed Rural Carrier on Route No. 1 when it was established Oct. 1, 1901 and served until his death May 1, 1926.  Edgar C. Millburn (substitute) carried that route until June 13, 1927 when as the result of a Civil Service Examination, Floyd E. Prouty received his appointment as carrier on that route.  At this writing (1956), he is still carrying the route which has of course been extended to take in other patrons many times.  The original length was 22 miles and it is now 51+ miles.

A petition was circulated for a route south of the village and as a result Route No. 2 was established April 1, 1904.  Harry Cratty was the first carrier and Edward M. Laird (substitute).  Mr. Cratty was replaced by H.N. Latimer in 1911 and resigned Apr. 1, 1916 to accept the Assistant Cashiership of the Ostrander Banking Company.  As the result of the examination held to fill the vacancy, Frank R. Coe received the appointment taking effect Sept, 18, 1916 and has served Route No. 2 since that time except for about a year in 1918-19 when he was a member of the armed service during World War I.  Other substitutes who have served on Route No. 2 are J.A. Maugans, M.E. Miller, E.M. Coe, and C.E. Parrott.

Information as to telephone service in the community is very meager to date.  The Citizens Telephone Co. of Delaware extended service to this community probably between 1900 and 1903.  In 1906 the Ostrander Telephone Co. was organized and further construction took place.  Among those interested in this project were Dr. A.J. Pounds, E.B. Bean and J.A. Hays.  The first telephone office was on the second floor of what is now the bank building.  The office was later removed to what was then Dr. Pounds' office, second house west of the bank building which is now occupied by Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Benton.  The office remained in that location until Feb. 13, 1942, when the dial system was installed by the North Ohio Telephone Co. who several years before had taken over the stock and properties of the Ostrander Telephone Company.  Among the "chief operators" who had charge of the office were Ada Mackan, Mrs. Wilbur Pennell, Dale Bovey Latimer, and Pearl Coe who has transferred to the Delaware office at the discontinuance of this office.

Banking services have been furnished the community as far as we have been able to learn by three privately owned banks, and the Ostrander Banking Co., which is still serving the people of Ostrander and vicinity.

The first bank was operated by a Mr. Williams, first name unknown.  Next came Arthur Robinson, who was followed by Frank Maugans. At the death of Mr. Maugans early in 1903, a meeting of the citizens of the community interested in the organization of a bank was called for that purpose.  At that meeting a committee composed of B.C. Duncan, A.V. Main, J.C. Maugans, C.V. Liggett, and Octa Maugans was appointed.  (B.C. Duncan and Octa Maugans both passed away in 1955, the last surviving members of the group responsible for organizing the Ostrander Banking Co.).  With the assistance of S.P. Shur and Mr. Hall connected with a Delaware Bank in an advisory capacity, this committee proceeded with the necessary steps for the formation of the Ostrander Banking Company.  The bank opened for business about March 23, 1903 with Mr. B.C. Duncan as cashier and Mrs. Jessie Liggett as Asst. Cashier.  The original stockholders were as follows:  B.C. Duncan, W.H. Carr, S.T. Carr, A.V. Main, Alex Newhouse, Wm. Elsom, Marion and Andrew Kirkland, J.C. Maugans, A.G. Duncan, H.W. Rittenhouse, J.A. Hayes, J.I Afamson, Octa Maugans, Jesse Bean, D.T. Perkins, M.E. Wollam, and C.G. Manville.  The first board of directors chosen from this group was composed of W.H. Carr, A.V. Main, Alex Newhouse, B.C. Duncan, and J.A. Hays.  Mrs. Hays was named President, Mr. Main, Vice President, and W.H. Carr, Secretary.

Down through the years the following men and women have served the bank as Cashier and Assistant Cashier.  Many others have been employed from time to time but the list is incomplete so no mention is made of them:
Cashier Asst. Cashier
B.C. Duncan 1903-1905 Jessie Liggett 1903-1904
Wm. Harris 1905-1910 Lee W. Elsom 1904-1907
Odell Liggett 1910-1922 Fred Gabriel 1907-1916
F.E. Parsons 1922-1942 F.E. Prouty 1916
C.N. Strayer 1942-1943 H.M. Latimer 1916-1946
F.E. Parsons 1943-1948 Ruth Ebright 1948
Lee W. Elsom 1948-1949 Avilee Prouty 1949
Guy Coughenour 1949-1956 Norman Hageman 1949

The following have served as directors down through the years:

Director No. Years Director No. Years
W.H. Carr 34 M.E. Kirkland 35
A.V. Main 2 Joe A. Main 34
Alex Newhouse 3 Albert Huntley 11
B.C. Duncan 1 T.B. Newhouse 7
J.A. Hays 1 F.E. Parsons 4
J.I. Adamson 3 M.R. Hays 6
J.C. Maugans 29 H.W. Rittenhouse 7
Geo. H. Gray 1 Earl French 1
Geo. VanBrimmer 1

At this is written in 1956, the board of directors is comprised of:

Director No. Years
Odell Liggett, President 14
Frank R. Coe 9
E.V. Roush 15
A.H. Newhouse 17
Fred L. Decker 14

The employees at this time are:
Guy Coughenour, Cashier
Norman Hageman, Asst, Cashier
Mrs. Avilee Prouty, Asst, Cashier
Mrs. Ruth Retterer, Bookkeeper

An item or two of interest are the mention of sidewalks adjacent to the bank being finished in 1906; the building which still houses the bank was purchased in 1905 from Elizabeth Maugans for $3500; banking rooms were on west side of the building from 1903 to 1908 when first vault was installed and bank moved to present rooms.